The Summon circle is used to summon heroes.

Earn 10 energy for each Heroic summon. VIP3 players can redeem 1000 energy to open the chest for a 5★ hero.

Basic Summon

Requires 1x Basic Summon Scroll-icon Basic Summon Scroll.

Has a chance to summon 1★ to 5★ heroes.

One free Basic Summon is available every 8 hours

Heroic Summon

Requires 1x Heroic Summon Scroll-icon Heroic Summon Scroll. Or 250 gems.

You can do 10 at a time for 10 Heroic Summon Scroll-icon Heroic Summon Scroll or 2200 gems.

Has a chance to summon 3★ to 5★ heroes.

One free Heroic Summon is available every 48 hours.

Friendship Summon

Requires 10x Heart-icon Heart.

Has a chance to summon 2★ to 5★ heroes.